Wood Fired Water Heater

Wood Fired Water Heater Manufacturer & Exporter. Wood burning water heaters are heating appliances that are using wood as the energy source for domestic hot water (DHW) preparation. They are pioneers in the water heating industry.


  • Maximum Efficiency with minimum fuel.
  • Maximum Utilization of fuel is engineered.
  • Insulated Storage Tank keeps water hot for longer period.
  • No Moving parts – No wear & tear.
  • Hot Water available within 10 – 15 minutes
  • Long life due to usage of best Quality of Material.


  • Hotel, Hostel, Hospital, Dairy, Guest House, Dharmshala, Swimming Pool And Domestic Application.


  • Wooden Geyser, Wooden Water Heater, Wooden Stove, Wood Heater, Wooden Water Heating System.

7000 liters capacity Installed at Shirdi :


4 kg. cm. sq. pressurised cold water inlet supply connected with WFWH system and pressurised hot water supply goes to 2 buildings of campus . System is split type – hot water circulation pump is installed between hot water generator and hot water mixing tank.


38° C temperature rise (25° C to 63° C) in 7000 liters water volume by using 190 kg. bio bricks as a fuel.

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