Storage Gas Water Heater

Manufacturer & Exporter of Storage Gas Water Heater. DIRECT VENT STORAGE GAS WATER HEATER – is well suited for larger homes with multiple bathrooms and Bathtubs and for families with teenagers, who typically take longer and more frequent showers.


  • Fully Automatic Controls.
  • You get hot water at the pre-set temperature throughout 24 hrs. a day.
  • No need to fire or extinguish the burner.
  • Convenient thermostat setting at your fingertips.
  • Non- pressurized and pressurized (inlet water) model’s available.
  • Internal jacket and multi flue gas pipes baffle design for quick heating and energy saving.
  • Eco-friendly burner, low NOx design.
  • Anti-corrosive, high temperature resistant inner coating.
  • Economic and efficient operation.
  • Safety protection system.
  • Energy efficient thermal insulation-100 Kg/m’ density-50mm thick rockwool LRB insulation.
  • Stainless steel cladding.
  • Sacrificial anode ( magnesium Rod (that protects the tank from corrosion.
  • Hydrostatic and pneumatic tested pressure vessels.
  • Inner construction of heavy standard steel material.
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve available, if required.


  • Hotel, Hostel, Hospital, Dairy, Guest House, Dharmshala, Swimming Pool And Domestic Application.


  • Gas Geyser, Gas Water Heater, Gas Fired Water Heater, Gas Stove, Storage Gas Water Heater.

Wall Mounted Storage Gas Water Heater :

Sunline makes it easy.
You can now install a Storage Gas Water Heater in your flat. Ask for Sunline wall- mounted gas water heater.

Be money wise.
Use the Sunline natural gas (PNG) fired wall-mounted water heater and save on soaring electricity bills. Electric water heaters are more expensive to run than natural gas fired water heaters.


Enjoy a long leisurely bath.
Be assured of a steady flow of ample running hot water.


Enjoy the luxury of a shower bath.
Hot and cold water, mix the water to your comfort temperature and enjoy an uninterrupted shower bath. Sunline Wall- mounted Storage Gas Water Heater is designed to maintain an equal pressure in the hot and cold water mixer and so ensure a steady flow of water at your desired temperature.

Sunline Wall-mounted Storage Gas Water Heaters are available in 50 liter storage capacity Pressurized and Non-Pressurized Models. Large capacity models also available.
Ask for our floor mounted model when you require a larger storage capacity model.


   You get hot water at the pre-set temperature throughout the 24 hrs.a day.

  • Three convenient thermostat setting at your fingertips (warm, hot & very hot)
  • No need to fire or extinguish the burner
  • Pilot burner ignites the main burner once water temperature falls below pre-set level and shuts C off, as soon as the desired temperature is reached
  • No need of any hazardous electrical controls

ALSO SUITABLE FOR HIGH RISE RESIDENCE : Sunline Storage Gas Water Heater is a prime necessity of the modern flats of 3 to 4 bathrooms and it’s luxuries bath gadgets operation. It is necessary for each and every (all) bathrooms of the flats are interconnected with hot water pipeline. So care should be taken at the time of execution of plumbing work in the flats.

Capacity : 50 Ltr

Height : 1100mm
Outer Dia : 385 mm
Cold Water Inlet¾ “Ø
Hot Water Outlet¾ “Ø

Electronic Burner Control Box (Without Pilot /Piezo ):

Electronic Burner control box with the flame failure protection and electronic ignition (pilotless). Burner control is capable of controlling and monitoring gas burner. It is operated on 220 / 240 V Electric supply. Weekly programmable timer option also available, if required. Easy text LCD interface for daily / weekly programming . 12/24 hour clock selection using key pad. Daily 16 ON / OFF programme setting available. The programme setting will preserve the data, even in the absence of power. Heater with electronic burner control requires rain protection. 

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